My name is Andrew E. Gurulé, the first child of Estevan Gurulé, Jr. and Flora Gurulé "Maria Flores Erlinda Lovato."  I was born in Santa Fe, NM, and was fortunate enough to have grown up with my grandparents (Estevan Gurulé Sr. and Manuelita "Martinez" Gurulé) in the town Tres Piedras, NM where they ran a grocery store and café.  By growing up with them I learned to speak Spanish at a very early age.

I thank them for that.  I work as an Accountant and Office Manager for a mining company in Antonito, CO (30 miles north of Tres Piedras).  My brother and sisters all still jointly own property in Tres Piedras which was passed on to our father and now to us. We have made a pact that this land will never be sold and should hopefully be passed on to many Gurulé generations to come.

I don't have any children of my own except for one stepson who has blessed me with two granddaughters whom I love immensely. They are LiShae' Amber Jiron and Shania Chasity Jiron.

I've been involved with genealogy for several years, and slowly getting somewhere.  Right now I'm stuck with my Great-Great Grandpa Juan Cristobal Gurulé who for some reason has been very evasive.  Didn't leave many tracks.  I keep looking though.  Good Luck to all my primos out there looking for their connection.

Andrew E. Gurulé


First row, starting from the left is Annette Espinoza, who is a New Mexico Entertainer who performs under the name of "Angel" and next to her is her son Santiago Espinoza and husband James Espinoza. Next to James is our mom Flora "Lovato" Gurulé. Next are my sisters Lorabelle Gurulé, Glenda "Gurulé" Quinlan and her son Wesley Quinlan.

On the back row is my brother Stevie Gurulé, sister Sandra Gurule and yes, next to her is me, Andrew Gurulé. Next to me is my nephew Mikey Atencio who is Sandra's son.

The only family missing in this picture are our Father Estevan Gurulé, Jr. and sister Dr. Virgina Charlotte Gurule.

My photo collection