Hello primos, my name is Cipriano Castellano, born in 1954 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. I currently work as a Los Angeles County Firefighter for the county of Los Angeles in the city of Pomona, and recently retired from the Air Force Reserves with 21 years, five years were active duty.

For the last 15 years, I've been a single father raising three children, two daughters, a son, and two granddaughters. Dana (22), my oldest, is in her second year of college, Sara (19), my second daughter, is working at a drug store and will be attending college in September 2000 and my son, Michael (15), is attending a Christian school and is a 10th grader. Of course, there's my granddaughters, Antoinette (4) and Marlene (18 months).

My genealogy line is from my mother's side by way of the Gutierrez:

Cipriano Castellano...parents are Roberto Castellano and Agneda Gutierrez
Agneda Gutierrez...parents are Lorenzo Gutierrez and Rafaelita Montoya
Lorenzo Gutierrez...parents are Apolonio Gutierrez and Margarita Pacheco
Apolonio Gutierrez...parents are Jose de la Cruz Gutierrez and Maria Francisca Gurule
Maria Francisca Gurule...parents are Gaspar Reyes Gurule and Maria Altagracia Trujillo
Gaspar Reyes Gurule...parents are Ramon Gurule and Maria Loreto Gutierrez
Ramon Gurule...parents are Antonio Toribio Gurule and Maria Gertrudis Olguin
Antonio Toribio Gurule...parents are Juan Antonio Gurule and Maria Petrona Montoya
Juan Antonio Gurule... parents are Antonio Gurule and Antonia Quintana
Antonio Gurule...parents are Santiago Gurule and Elena Gallegos

I am working on a second connection through my mother's side but have not found the connection yet:

Agneda Gutierrez...parents are Lorenzo Gutierrez and Rafaelita Montoya
Rafaelita Montoya...parents are Francisco Montoya and Selestina Gurule

That is all so far...

Hola to all the are all welcome in my home.

--- Cipriano Castellano