The most important things in my life are my wife Suzanne and my 4 year old son Jude. I accidentally found my "Gurule"
roots and I am so glad that I did - I have the opportunity to interact with cousins I never knew that I had. I had done extensive research on my mothers family "Armijo" from the settlement of Armijo in the South Valley of Bernalillo County, through researching the Armijo's, by chance and by the grace of God I came across our mutual history. My great great grandfather Jose Sanchez was a direct descendant of Santiago Gurule.

On a personal side, I am the Director of the Economic Development Department for Bernalillo County and I also own a political consulting company - Mensajes Strategic Communications. I enjoy spending time with my family, studying politics and history, and learning new languages. The greatest discovery of my Gurule roots was this: About 15 years ago I became very close friends with Arturo DeLaCruz and his wife Annette. Over the course of time we spent many a holiday with them and eventually they had two beautiful children. They bestowed the honor upon my wife and I to baptize their youngest daughter Alejandra - which of course we did. When Suzanne and I were married, they were our padrinos. Well, when I discovered my Gurule roots I learned that Annette's mother Polly Sanchez was on our cousins page. Annette and I are related and we never knew until this.

Life is funny.