David William Cox
Born December 03, 1959
Pueblo, Pueblo County, CO.

I am connected to the Gurule family by my paternal Grandmother Teresita Gurule, born October 9, 1904 in Watrous New Mexico, the daughter of Jose de los Mercedes de los Angeles and Francesca Galindre. My Father, Francisco Leroy Cox, was born in Trinidad, CO. My Mother Theresa Griego was born in Aguilar, CO.

My parents met in Trinidad, CO and Married in 1955 Raton New Mexico. I am the 2nd child of 6 in The Francis Cox Family, and a Pueblo, Colorado Native. I met my sweetheart, Cindy Sue Smith, in High School. We were Married on March 15, 1980. I am an Engineer for Hewlett Packard A.K.A. Compaq Computer Company, A.K.A Digital Equipment Corp. We have two beautiful children. Our first born, a daughter, Amanda Beth, was born December 22, 1980. She is a Dental Assistant here in Pueblo, CO. And waiting for her boyfriend to finish College so she and Mom can start planning the Wedding.

Our second born, a son, Douglas Eugene, was born on March 17, 1983. He married Melissa Kay Kuhn on March 22, 2003 They both are excited about the places they will be going/seeing while Douglas is in the Air Force.

Cindy and I just Celebrated 25 Silver years March 15, 2005 and looking forward to 25 more.

NO, we are not grandparents YET ... but patiently waiting.

My photo collection

Grandmother Teresita Gurulé