About Me

Originally from New Mexico, I moved to New Orleans in 1983 and remained to pursue college. For several years I lived in Mississippi on my sister's Emu and Ostrich farm, but I have continued working in New Orleans throughout. I serve as an employment disability advocate and have worked in the social service field since 1990. I am involved in disability and social reform initiatives, and I serve on various local and state committees that enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities. I now reside in a historically rich and colorful area of the French Quarter in what is considered the Marigny, an area formerly settled by a French Plantation owner.

Family Lineage

My family and I are direct descendents of Santiago Gurule and Elena Gallegos. Like many other direct descendents, my Gallegos family lived in or around Bernalillo until the mid 20th Century. We are Atrisco land grant heirs, and we are proud of the Spanish heritage we share with other "Atriscenos".

Learning more about the family linage interests me because it has allowed me to bring together the pieces of the puzzle that were missing. Knowing there was a link between the Gallegos and Gurule families has always fascinated me, but finding out there was a web page dedicated to this union made it easier to get help in researching it. I am most interested in further investigating the intricately meshed histories and ancestry of the Gallegos and Gurule lines.

I look forward to hearing from other cousins who share a link on my family tree or who are Atrisco land grant heirs. Please feel free to contact me to share information!

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