My name is Diane B. Gurule.

I’m from Family #7, descendents of Andres Gurulé and Pasquala Garcia.  I was born in 1963 in Albuquerque, NM, the fifth child of Ismael S. and Emma Lovato Gurule.  I have one sister Shirley who is the oldest, and three older brothers, Peter, Kenny and Jerry.  Then came me, and my two younger brothers, Billy and Keith.  We were all raised in Peralta, NM, and my parents still reside there, with four brothers and my sister living nearby.

Since 1987, I have lived in Clinton, Arkansas.  My pride and joy are my three children:  Joey, Jennifer, and Tyler.  When my husband Rodney and I got married, he had no choice but to learn the many traditional dishes from our native land.  I don't see how he did it but he ate without complaining.  Bless his heart. Tortillas, green and red chili, tamales, carne asada, to name a few are now his favorites.  He’s learned it’s ok to eat with your hands as long as you are armed with a tortilla in each hand.

I am proud to part of this wonderful family.  Our blood line is rich with history, that we must keep passing on from one another to our children. Thank you to each one of you for the many wonderful memories that you share with us.  To Leon and Angela, thank you for the wonderful work you have done.  If it weren’t for this web site that I accidentally found one day, I would never have found this new interest and never would have had the chance to meet so many cousins.

Diane Gurule Jackson