Hello to all my Gurulé "primos y primas"

My name is Mida (aka Leone) Griego-West.  I was born in Algodones, NM, and currently live in Albuquerque, NM.  I am married to Bruce West, born in Providence, RI, and we have an only child, Bryce West who is single (no grandchildren).

I am the daughter of Jose Lazaro (Frank/Franco) Griego and Ramona Gurulé.  There are nine living children, and in September 2007 we lost our first sibling, Serafin Griego.  Below are my siblings, followed in birth order, and I’m second to the youngest.

Paul Griego, Beatrice Griego-Gutierrez, John Griego,  Beltran Griego, Patsy Griego-Bricker, Cirilla/Lila Griego-Thompson, Connie Griego-Gutierrez, Mida Griego-West, Dorothy Griego-Wheeler.

I am a home maker and genealogy fanatic, and now I am into the genetic area of genealogical research.  An open invitation to all my male Gurule cousins to take a Y-DNA test (Gurulé surnamed men only) with FamilyTreeDNA so that we can all start not only putting our genealogies together, but our actual DNA bloodline to Jacques Grolet (Santiago Gurulé).

Y-DNA only passes from father to son in a direct line (not through the female Gurule line, as in my own case).  In order for me to know the Y-DNA bloodline (also known as "haplogroup" in genetic terms) of my grandpa David Gurulé, I need to find a Gurulé cousin that descends from him or a brother of his.  At this point in time, I don't have any volunteers.

If you connect to one of my Gurule ancestors, please feel free to E-Mail me and I will be happy to share any information to help in your quest.

Thank you all


Prima, Mida (pronounced Mydah)

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