My name is Rita Sanchez, and that’s me on the left side of this picture.  Next to me is Angela Lewis, and this picture was taken when we met at one of the genealogy conferences in Albuquerque, NM a few years ago.

My father’s paternal ancestors are Sanchez y Gurulé, and he goes back to Maria Manuela Gurulé who married Santiago Sanchez in 1797 at San Felipe.  This is Family #5 that goes back to Antonio Gurulé, son of Rosa.

On my father's maternal ancestors side are Valdes y Chavez and Gurulé, descendants of Family #1.  Soledad Valdes is the great-granddaughter of Elena Gurule (daughter of Antonio Gurulé and Antonia Quintana) who married Jose Duran y Chaves about 1760.
Rita Sanchez