Hello Cousins!

My name is Robert Jaramillo, and I live in Provo, Utah. I am happily married to my wife, DarLeana, and we are the proud parents of two daughters and three sons.

I have been actively researching my family history since my mid teens. Each time I make a new connection, I feel the same thrill I got the first time that I found my great grandparents’ names on my grandmother’s social
security card application. Learning about the great legacies of work and faith that have gone before me helps me to understand a little bit more about who I am each time I discover something new.

After having known my great-great grandmother only as “Maria C.,” as she is referenced in the 1880 US Census, for several years, I was very excited a few weeks ago when I found an indexed record on ** that showed her name to be Cesaria Gurulé. That led me to this website and to the helpful guidance of Angela Lewis, who quickly helped me plug my research into Family Number 5.

I am thankful to the many years of hard work that this website represents.Thank you to all of you, and especially Angela and Leon, who made this all

*Photo Captions*
#1 Juan Perea & Porfilia Salazar, my great grandparents. This picture was probably taken around Madrid, New Mexico.

#2 This is a picture of my grandmother, Frances May Perea Jaramillo, with her sisters-in-law when she was a young woman. My grandma is the beautiful lady with the big smile looking straight at the camera.

#3 These are my grandparents, Thomas Michael Jaramillo and Frances May Perea Jaramillo, with some grandchildren and friends.

#4 My parents, Val & Patsy Jaramillo, my only sibling, Patrick, and me.

#5 My sweetheart, DarLeana, and me.

#6 DarLeana and me with our five shorties.