I'm Stephanie Thomas, the one on the left of this photo. I am the Director of Special Events for The Los Angeles Free Clinic -- an agency that has been providing free health care and social services to the community for over 33 years (to learn more.


I do the event fundraising, so go to special events if you want to know about the kinds of events I produce).

Juliet (pictured here) and I live in Burbank. We've have two dogs, Rooben and Oscar, and I'm very excited to be organizing a Gurule

Family Reunion and Potluck in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 5th. Bring family recipes and family photos! I just received a great BBQ for my birthday, so we can grill, too!

Write me for more info.

I'm the one on the left, my sister Susan Thomas is in the middle
and my other sister, Bonnie White, is on the right

My photo collection

John Donaldson
Francisco Torres and Andrea Donaldson
Emil Chavez and Dora Torres

My line of Gurule is as follows:

Yvon Grolet and Maria Odoin
Santiago Gurule and Elena Gallegos
Antonio Gurule and Antonia Quintana
Tomas Gurule and Maria Pasquala Griego
Pedro Bautista de Jesus Gurule and Maria Dolores Duran
Juan Jose Gurule and Maria Andrea Valencia
Jose Domingo Gurule and Maria Casilda Carcia
Maria Marcelina Gurule and John Donaldson
Andrea Donaldson and Francisco Torres