What does this index contain?

This index provides a surname listing for all people from all the Gurulé families, with the exception of Family #1. We hope this will be available in the quite near future.

How does the index work?

If you click on Gurulé, for example, you’ll find over a thousand entries.  Browse through the names, click on [next page] until you locate the person you want, and then click on their name and you’ll find basic information on that person including links to their parents.  

What’s really great about this index is that once you find the person you want, you’ll now know what family they belong to!

Note:  We realize that not all couples in the database are married, but the percentage that are not is like 3% versus the other 97% who are married.  Thus, the wording will show “spouse” for all couples listed who have children born to them.

Gurulé Families 1-14

Each Gurulé family has a master report (in Microsoft Word format) that is located under the “Download” column.  Now that you’ve found your ancestor, click on the report that was identified and read more about them.  The report contains much more information, including source material for the baptism, marriage and census records, plus other tidbits of information.


Contact Angela Lewis at if you have questions about the data content.