Ancestry information available on this web site includes not only the direct descendants of Santiago Gurule and Elena Gallegos, but also the ancestry of some Indian families who assumed the Gurule surname. Follow the GURULE FAMILIES link to find the 13 families that are available on this web site.

Family #1 (the descendants of Santiago and Elena) contains a searchable database.

Visit the COUSINS PAGES to meet some of the people who descend from various Gurule lines and here you will also find the Gurule Newsletter and other articles written by some of the cousins.

Special thanks to Virginia Langham Olmsted, a certified genealogist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. In March 1987, she published her research of the Gurule family in the National Genealogy Society Quarterly, Volume 75, Number 1. The article is titled "Grolet-Gurule: Los Franceses de Nueva Mexico" and contains history for the first four generations. My research takes her findings, fills in the missing pieces, and expands on them for many more generations! Ms Olmsted died in 1989, and she left behind a wonderful legacy of material published in New Mexico.

A note from Angela --

My entire collection of thousands of records, which grows with each visit to the library, is not available on the web site. Only those families with the most records were chosen. Send me, Angela Lewis a note and I'll be more than happy to help you. Visit RESOURCES to view the various source materials and this will give you an idea of the records that I have in my collection.