(Source: AASF Reel 60, Frame 169-171)

Margin note:  I presented the petition before the most Reverend Father Juan de Sabedra, commissioner of the Sacred Office and Custodian for this Convention of San Pablo and Kingdom of New Mexico by authority of the Bishop, on the 9th day of the month of November 1699.

Most Reverend Padre and Ecclesiastical Judge and Custodian

Santiago Grolee, native of La Rochelle, in the Kingdom of France, legitimate son of Ybon Grole and Maria Odón, both deceased, appeared before me PMR in good form, in this place and swears before God and Cross – states that he is seeking to marry Doña Elena Gallegos, native of Bernalillo and resident of this place, legitimate d/ Antonio Gallegos and Doña Catalina Baca, both deceased, so that they may be able to complete the investigation for the Catholic Christian Church.

AVPMR asks and pleads that God may be served, I ask that this petition has true information given by the referred to individual.

Grole Signature

Signed Sntiago Grole (rubric)

I, therefore present and say to proceed with justice the diligencias and information that is offered by Santiago Grolee and the said contracted party Doña Elena Gallegos, named and are named before the Jues Commissioner, Don Diego Padilla, and minister of the convent of San Felipe de Bernalillo who states that if there is no impediment found after all the information is given, then to announce the banns and then if no impediments are brought up,  marry and veil them during Mass, and give satisfaction and certify said marriage in the marriage book of said jurisdiction, according to the Council of Trent, I order and sign on this day, month and year, before me the certified notary.

Fr. Joan De Archuleta
Juan (illegible)

Before me
Vicario Fray Miguel Muñiz, Notario


Testimony for the groom – Jacques Grolee
In this convent of San Felipe Apostle, 9 November 1699, comes before me Pedro Munier and swearing to God and the Cross that he will tell the truth, states that he is 26 years old and a native of Paris, France, and he know the said contractual party for 15 years, some by sight and talking to him and he knows that he is single, has not married, and had not given a pledge of marriage to anyone else, has not taken any religious vows and is not being coerced into this marriage, nor any other impediment that would prevent the marriage and he said that he is (Ligaba -- joined unknown) and Francisco DeBale of said testimony is being given in front of me.  Signed Padre Diego Padilla Judge, Commissioner

Pedro Muenier (rubric)

Signed Padre Francisco Farfan, Notary

Then Juan de Archibeque is presented as a witness.  He swore before God and the Cross that he will tell the truth.  He states that he is 27 years old, native of la Ballona (Bayonne), France, that he has known the contracted party for a period of 15 years, they are in the same class, that he (Grolet) is Catholic Christian, he has always known him as being single, not married and is not related in any way to the other contracted party (Elena Gallegos) either by affinity or by blood, and that he had not contracted a marriage with anyone else and to this he swears before me don Diego Padilla.

Juan de Archibeque (rubric)


Signed before me
Fr. Francisco Farfan, Notary

Testimony for the bride – Elena Gallegos
On 15 November 1699, the witness on the part of the bride Doña Elena de Galleda (sic) came Baltasar Romero, 27 years old, vecino from Vernalillo, and swore on the Cross that he would tell the truth.  States that he has known Elena de Gallegos about 14 years and that in all that time she is single and has never married, that she is not related in any way to the contracted party and knows that she has not acted in any suspicious manner.  She has not pledged herself to anyone else and she is free to marry. This is stated and sworn to before me, Fr. Diego Padilla, Jues Commissioner

Signed before me
Signed Pedro Chabes (rubric)

Then stands before me Pedro Lopez, español, vecino de Bernalillo, who states that he has known the contracted party since she was a child, she free to marry, and knows that in all this time she is single, and he has not heard that she has married anyone, nor given her word to marry anyone else.  They are not related by consanguinity nor by affinity, and to his knowledge there is no impediment whatsoever, and swearing that all he has said is the truth, he swears on the Cross. He does not sign because he does not know how, to this I swear, don Diego Padilla, Jues Commissioner.

Before me
Pedro Chabes (rubric)

In addition, on this same day, I took testimony from Phelipe Jutierez, mestizo, married, vecino from Bernalillo, 40 years old.  He swears on the Cross and God to tell the truth in what he is asked.  He states he knows the contracted party (female) since she has been thirteen (13).  He has never heard of her giving a pledge of marriage to anyone, that the couple is not related by blood nor by affinity, nor spiritually and they can be married.  He doesn’t know any more.  He does not sign his name because he does not know how.  To this I swear, Fr. Diego Padilla, Jues Commissioner.

Signed before me
Pedro de Chabes (rubric)

Say I, Father Diego Padilla, Jues Commissioner that having finished hearing the sworn testimonies that I have obtained in front of Padre Francisco Farfan and Pedro de Chabes, notaries, I am satisfied with everything all testimonies taken 19 November 1699.  Signed Fr. Diego Padilla, Jues Commissioner

In the plaza of Bernalillo on the 13th of November 1699, before me the Jues Commissioner the contracted party is giving information and swears by God and the Cross that it will be the truth. His name is Santiago Grole, native of la Rochela, from the Kingdom of France, legitimate son of Ybon de Grole, and Maria Odoe, Christians and known in that City of la Rochela, states that he was baptized according to Holy Mother Church, in the church named San Juan.  He left in the company of General Monsieur de la Zala (De La Salle), who was sailing for his king in search of new land in New France, they got lost and he was then taken captive by infidels where he survived for five years.  After he was rescued from the infidels, he was taken to the Kingdom of Spain by Señor Viceroy, the Count of Galvez to give satisfaction to him. From there we were sent to Mexico City and they sent us here as settlers and now I wish to be married.  I hereby state that I have never been married, nor made a promise of marriage to anyone and I am not related to the other contracted party, neither by consanguinity, nor affinity.  I have not made any religious vows and there is no impediment to the marriage.  This testimony was given in front of a notary and was read to him and he states everything is correct. He did not sign because he did not know how.   To this I swear.  Fr. Diego de Padilla, Jues Commissioner.

Before me
Pedro de Chabes, Notary

In the plaza of Bernalillo on the 13 of November 1699, before me the Jues Commissioner, appears before the contracted party who swears upon the Cross and God that her name was Elena Gallegos, legitimate daughter of Antonio Gallegos and Chaterina Baca, both deceased and she is 19 years old and she wants to marry Santiago Grole, that she is free to marry and that no one is forcing her to marry. She has always been single and not promised to anyone, that there is no relationship either by blood, affinity nor has she taken any religious vows and there is no impediment whatsoever that would impede the marriage. She did not sign because she did not know how. To this I swear, Fr. Diego de Padilla, Jues Commissioner

Before me
Pedro de Chabes, Notary


Angela’s note –

Thanks to Patricia Sanchez Rau for the beautiful job in translating this document